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Composite Veneers in Sherman Oaks

Have you been considering getting a smile makeover? Does the price tag of traditional porcelain veneers intimidate you? If so, you may want to talk to our cosmetic dentist in Sherman Oaks about same-day composite veneer options.

A Same Day Smile Makeover

Chairside composite veneers are made during your visit in our office. Dr. Ron Nourian DDS will assess the specific irregularities in your teeth to help you erase the signs of problems like:

  • Chipped enamel
  • Discoloration, pitting, or surface anomalies
  • Gaps between your teeth
  • Exposed root surfaces

Like “bonding” procedures, our composite veneers use color matching materials to cover and rebuild the way your natural tooth /teeth look when you smile, talk, or laugh.

The Difference Between Porcelain and Chairside Veneers

With a traditional porcelain veneer, it’s necessary to prep your tooth (reshape it,) take an impression, apply a temporary veneer, send your model off to our lab, and wait for the restoration to be made. This can take up to two weeks. Once it’s ready, you return and have the new veneer bonded permanently to your tooth.

In contrast, our one-visit composite veneers in Sherman Oaks are made and applied during the same appointment. The composite is shaped directly to your conditioned tooth surfaces, so that it adheres firmly into place. The shape and textures are adjusted before curing it with a bright light.

Are They Right for Me?

Composite veneers are ideal when you need to have fewer teeth treated, or require all of your treatments to be completed in less time. They’re also generally far more affordable than lab-made porcelain veneers. This can make it easier for you to work a smile makeover into your budget! For more information or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ron Nourian DDS please call (818) 986-7531 or visit