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Do I Need a Deep Cleaning?

Otherwise known as a “periodontal scaling and root planing”, deep cleanings are a therapeutic procedure used to halt and manage active gum disease. Our dentist in Sherman Oaks may recommend this procedure if:

You haven’t had your teeth cleaned in a very long time.

Preventive cleanings (the ones that you usually schedule every six months) are designed to help you avoid excessive buildup and gum disease. Unfortunately, if you’ve put your visits off for a long time, this can allow large areas of calcified tartar to build up both above and below your gumlines. At this point it becomes more than what can be cleaned away during a routine cleaning and your smile will need a bit more TLC.

There is bone loss or heavy tartar buildup evident on your x-rays.

Maybe you’re having dental x-rays as part of your checkup or to consider getting porcelain veneers at our Sherman Oaks office. Whatever the cause is, Dr. Nourian will assess the areas around your teeth for healthy bone structure. Active disease can cause your bone to shrink away, allowing your teeth to become mobile or even fall out. In some situations, deep deposits of tartar can also be seen on your radiographs.

Chronic bleeding gums are an everyday occurrence.

Does flossing cause your gums to bleed? If you brush along your gumlines, is your toothbrush tinted pink afterward? Your body is trying to tell you something! You wouldn’t overlook a bleeding wound on your arm, nor should you ignore the one inside of your mouth.

If you’re in need of gentle cleaning or gum disease treatments, contact our highly experienced dentist in Sherman Oaks Dr. Ron Nourian today (818) 986-7531 or visit for further information.