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Four Fixes with Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are a popular request with our dentist in Sherman Oaks, but most people don’t realize all of the potential that these aesthetic restorations have to offer.

Here are four different concerns we can use porcelain veneers to correct:

  1. Crooked Teeth

    Sometimes referred to as “instant braces” porcelain veneers can make your teeth look instantly straighter without months spent in orthodontic treatment. Each veneer creates the illusion of a perfectly aligned smile, covering areas of minor crowding.

  2. Staining and Discoloration

    Certain types of tooth stain aren’t possible to bleach out. Yet, you don’t need a crown because your tooth is otherwise healthy. Instead, our dentist in Sherman Oaks can cover the visible portion of your tooth with a veneer, making it look consistent in color across the entire surface. If you’ve had natural discolorations caused by childhood illnesses, past medication use (such as tetracycline) or imbalanced mineral levels in your water supply, veneers are a great option to consider.

  3. Gaps Between Teeth

    Maybe you want to close small gaps in your smile so that you have a fuller, healthier-looking appearance that’s fitting for someone your age. Rather than causing the teeth to look bulky by building them up with composite bonding, a veneer keeps tooth size and shape in perspective.

  4. Chipped, Short, or Uneven Teeth

    Abnormal tooth wear can make your smile look older than it really is. Veneers address uneven teeth for a systematic contour from one side of your smile to the other.

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