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Four Things You Need to Know About Porcelain Dental Braces

Porcelain dental braces are a great alternative to conventional metal orthodontics. Our cosmetic dentist in Sherman Oaks offers them right here in our practice!

If you’ve ever wanted to straighten your teeth, but were hesitant to start traditional treatment, here are four reasons to consider this cosmetic alternative:

They are Low Profile

Made from tooth-colored ceramics, these porcelain brackets blend in with your teeth when you talk or smile. Even the arch wires are designed to be low profile. Although someone can tell there’s something on your teeth during a casual consultation, these cosmetic braces are far less noticeable than other treatments out there.

You Can Fit the Appointments into a Busy Schedule

With cosmetic braces, you can work your 15-20 minute follow visit once every 6-8 weeks. You can stop by on your lunch break, before you head to the office for the day, or right after you get off of work.

Ideal Option for Adults

If you’re not a candidate for Invisalign or you want a “fast” way to fix a few crooked teeth at the front of your smile, aligning your teeth with porcelain braces is a safe and natural solution.

Healthy for Your Smile

Straightening your teeth can help you reduce your risk of problems like cavities, tooth wear, TMJ disorder, and gum disease. If you’re starting to feel like your smile is “off,” it could be due to tooth misalignment. A properly aligned bite is easier to care for and keep healthy.

Are you ready to find out if porcelain dental braces are right for you? Schedule a consultation with our reputable cosmetic dentist in Sherman Oaks, Ron Nourian, DDS at (818) 986-7531 or visit to learn more.