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Is It Time for a Dental Crown?

Before you can decide when it’s time for a crown, you should first know why a crown is necessary.

Once a tooth suffers extensive damage, it becomes open to infections and deeper fracture. Dental crowns, or caps, are restorations that cover an entire tooth to restore security and strength and beauty.

If you have a damaged tooth, how do you know whether it needs a filling or a crown?

Signs You Could Need A Crown

A filling may not be sufficient for a tooth that is:
– Highly sensitive
– Missing a third of its original size
– Filled with an old and/or broken restoration
– Severely decayed

How A Dentist Knows When It’s Time For A Crown

What will our dentist in Sherman Oaks look for to determine whether you need a crown?

First, he’s going to take a look at how much tooth structure is missing. He’ll also check for signs of nerve damage or a compromised pulp. Taking an x-ray is the best way to find out for sure.

Don’t Wait Too Long!

If your tooth needs to be crowned and it’s put off, you’re taking a major risk. The damaged tooth will probably get an infection that will result in more pain and possibly an abscess. At that point, you’re looking at root canal therapy or pulling the tooth altogether. Save yourself the pain and damages by not procrastinating!

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