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Is Sedation Dentistry for Me?

Maybe you love our dentist in Sherman Oaks, but the idea of getting a filling or finally scheduling that root canal makes you break out in a nervous sweat. Or, you’ve scheduled it before, but cancelled a few days prior to your appointment because you just couldn’t stop worrying.

A Great Option for People of All Backgrounds

You don’t necessarily have to be “afraid” of the dentist to request sedation! This option is great for anyone who wants to:

  • Relax through routine or complex treatments
  • Schedule more procedures at one time (to “get it all over with at once”)
  • Overcome mild to severe anxiety related to dental procedures
  • Assure comfort throughout the procedure

Safe and Effective Sedation Dentistry in Sherman Oaks

Before scheduling your sedation appointment, Dr. Nourian will review your medical and dental history with you, including any recent hospitalizations, surgeries, or medications that you have had. If necessary, we can work with your primary care physician to determine the best form of sedative for your visit.

Depending on your preferences, our dentist in Sherman Oaks has a couple of different types of sedation for you to choose from. The simplest option is nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas.” This safe, inhaled option wears off very quickly, so that you can drive yourself back home after the procedure. A stronger form of sedation such as conscious oral sedation, which uses a prescription strength medication that you take once you’re at our office, maybe a better option. It can take a few hours to wear off, so a friend or family member will need to drive you home.

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