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Root Canal Myths

The last time you visited your dentist, did he or she recommend a root canal? You might have found yourself a little hesitant to jump right into treatment, especially because of the way some people talk about the topic. But can you separate fact from fiction? Here are a few root canal myths that aren’t all that accurate:

If Your Tooth Doesn’t Hurt, You Don’t Need a Root Canal

False. One of the most common misconceptions about dentistry is “if the tooth doesn’t hurt, don’t fix it!” Unfortunately, your tooth’s nerve could be entirely dead and you never feel a thing. It just varies from person to person. While some individuals exhibit severe pain, or swelling, others may have teeth that are half-way decayed without any symptoms.

Getting a Root Canal is Painful

False. The painful part is the infection inside of your nerve. Sometimes, if the infection is bad enough, it becomes difficult to numb the tooth to work on it. In those situations, it might be necessary to get on a course of antibiotics to reduce the infection before scheduling the treatment. Otherwise, your tooth should be nice and numb…you don’t have to feel a thing!

Once You’ve Had Endodontic Treatment, You’re Good to Go

False. After your tooth has been treated endodontically, it becomes brittle. A crown will be placed over it to prevent any unwanted chipping or fractures. Be sure to floss your tooth daily, so that decay doesn’t develop around your new restoration.

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