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Three Ways to Floss Your Teeth with Dental Implants

Congratulations on your new smile! Thanks to dental implants in Sherman Oaks, you can enjoy what feels like a brand new, natural smile all over again. The key to protecting your new investment is to care for your implants as if they were real teeth, which includes flossing them on a daily basis. Here are three techniques to try:

The Traditional Method

Floss works great on its own, but it takes some initiative to get into the habit. As part of our oral hygiene routine for patients with dental implants, we recommend gently sliding the floss down between the implants/teeth and wrapping it in a “C” shape, before gently rubbing up and down along the side of the tooth/implant and just under the gums.

Floss Picks and Holders

Curved floss holders make it easier to slip a strand of floss between teeth when your fingers won’t. Just be sure to select one that has curves to it, as opposed to a straight angle; this makes it possible to access areas more easily, without the added risk of getting stuck or cutting your gums. Some designs even have tufted picks on the end, which you can use to sweep away any food debris from underneath an implant supported bridge.

String Free Water Flossing

Ready to toss the floss altogether? You can with a water flosser. Depending on the model that you use, you can adjust everything from the water pressure to the temperature. Just aim the small tip between your teeth or implants, and flush plaque biofilm gently away from the gums. There are even designs that can be mounted inside of your shower! Our dentist in Sherman Oaks finds that water flossers typically reach areas that conventional flossing can’t.

Is it time for your checkup? Keep your teeth and implants healthy with an exam and cleaning at least twice each year. To learn more about dental implants, and / or schedule a dental cleaning contact the office of Dr. Ron Nourian, DDS today at (818) 986-7531 or visit for further information.