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What You Need to Know About Dental Implants

Our dentist in Sherman Oaks gets a lot of questions about dental implant therapy. Most of them revolve around misconceptions that the public has about the process…such as how painful or expensive it might be. We’re here to let you know that getting implants is a great way to replace your missing teeth, regardless of the rumors you might have heard in the past.

Here’s why:

It’s a Straightforward Process

Implants are artificial tooth roots that we set into your jaw, close to where your natural tooth used to be. Modern technology makes this a safe and predictable form of tooth replacement…not the lengthy, complex surgical process that it was decades ago.

You’ll be More Comfortable Than You Thought!

Thanks to sedation dentistry, you can enjoy the ultimate relaxation during your implant placement. Or, choose to stay awake and have just a little local anesthesia used. Believe it or not, your bone doesn’t have any pain receptors, so getting an implant is generally more comfortable than having a tooth pulled.

The Best Investment for Your Smile

Ask our dentist in Sherman Oaks about dentures vs. implants, and we’ll tell you that implants provide the most cost-effective solution of any tooth replacement (including traditional bridges.) Why? Because they should last for the rest of your life.

Helpful No Matter How Many Missing Teeth You Have

Whether you need to replace one tooth or all of them, implants can make it happen. You might even want to opt for sedation dentistry in Sherman Oaks to catch up on all of your other dental treatment while you’re at it. Implants are extremely strong and can support everything from a single tooth crown to a snap-in overdenture.

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