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What’s the Most Cost Efficient Treatment for Missing Teeth?

You’ve finally decided to do something about replacing your missing teeth, or at least getting those problematic ones pulled and “changed out” with something else. As your dentist in Sherman Oaks, Dr. Nourian offers a variety of treatment options to help you restore your bite’s function and beauty.

But which one is the most cost efficient?

Making a Smart Investment from Day One

The cost of your dental treatment may seem like a one-time investment, but it’s actually a long-term plan. For instance, getting traditional dentures or a partial made may be the most “affordable” treatment choice, but that prosthesis will need to be maintained and replaced every several years. For a long term plan, it might actually cost more.

In contrast, investing in something like our dental implants in Sherman Oaks may seem like a slightly higher cost, but it actually saves you money over time. Why? Because dental implants have a higher return on investment and usually last for the lifetime of our patients. As your dentist in Sherman Oaks, Dr. Ron Nourian firmly believes that implants are the best possible solution both functionally and financially.

Cost Isn’t Everything

Replacing your missing teeth is vital for a balanced diet and self-confidence. But if your restoration causes damage to adjacent teeth or surrounding structures, it can lead to the need for extra dental work over time. Our dentist believes that dental implants are the least invasive, most natural solution for restoring a person’s oral health to the highest level possible. That’s because implants…

  • Strengthen the bone
  • Are stand-alone prosthetics
  • Support the positioning of other teeth
  • Are simple to care for and maintain

To learn about how dental implants can help improve your overall health and smile please contact Dr Ron. Nourian, DDS at (818) 986-7531 today to schedule a no-pressure consultation to find out if you’re a candidate for this revolutionary treatment or visit for further information.