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Which Shape of Veneers is Right for You?

If you’re searching for a completely new “look,” it’s important to know that your dream smile is based on your unique preferences and vision. During the smile design process, our dentist in Sherman Oaks discusses what’s possible with treatments like dental veneers.

Start Out with a Picture

Your initial consultation can be more effective if you know exactly what you have in mind. Before performing treatments like porcelain veneers, we might even ask you to bring pictures of what you want your teeth to look like. Cut out pages of magazines, screen shots on your smart phone, or whatever works. One person may prefer a boxier shaped tooth, while another prefers teeth with more rounded contours. The more pictures you have, the better!

What Do You Like – or Not Like – About Your Smile?

What bothers you the most about your smile? Which parts do you like the best? This information will help our dentist decide which teeth need to have veneers placed, as opposed to being bonded or recontoured.

What Needs to be Changed

After assessing your facial characteristics, current oral anatomy, and personal preferences, we can start to plan your smile makeover. Dr. Nourian will specify the exact color, shade, size, and shape of each veneer. Our porcelain veneers in Sherman Oaks are handmade. That way each one fits our exact specifications, for the best results possible.

Your Smile Doesn’t Have to Look Fake

One of the worst mistakes people can make during their veneer treatment is to choose a shape and color that isn’t flattering to them. Our dentist will work closely with you so that everything appears beautiful and natural looking. For further information, questions and/or to schedule an appointment please contact Ron Nourian, DDS at (818) 986-7531 or visit